What is your taste?

Where is the piece going to live?

Do you have image examples of your idea?

These are all questions I'll be asking should you contact me about designing and building furniture for you.

Whether it is something influenced by a certain style or an original design, I can help walk you through inherent design pros and cons and material selection. 

Following our discussion/s I'll get to work on basic sketches to be assured that we are on the same page. If the sketches are satisfactory and you wish to move forward with the commission I will require 1⁄4 of the total price to hold your place in line (my wait list is generally in the 2-­3 month range).

When it comes time for me to begin your piece I will notify you and provide you with a loose estimate of a completion date. At this time I will require another 1⁄4 of the total price. While I am working on your piece you will receive photo updates ( and sometimes questions on preferences). When your custom furniture piece is completed I will arrange with you for delivery whether by myself or a third party ( depending on size/distance). The remainder of the total price is due upon completion/delivery.

All deliveries within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis are free.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas that you have.