I try to approach design in a very personal way. Whether I am working on a piece that you, the client, have supplied the specifications for, or working on a piece you have commissioned me to design for you. It is my greatest objective to create something that stands on its own and can be unique to you as an individual.

This is one of the reasons I concentrate on doing custom work and not production pieces.

I have always believed, if a client is willing to seek out and have something “custom” made, they deserve to have a piece of furniture that their neighbor cannot commission me to build a copy of the following week. While this may be a poor business model, it keeps me interested and holds true to the intent of custom work for the client.

If there is a design you are seeking, I will work with you and include you in the process as much as possible, while providing professional advice and a style that will leave you with a piece of furniture that will be truly one of a kind.